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Is MC server going to be wiped clear anytime soon? Not sure it is worth so keep playing right now. 
2nd question: why nobody is playing there?

Regards Jimmy


  • HunterzHunterz [Admin]
    upraveno 25. June 2018
    Hi, which server you mean?
     (vanilla, classic, eden, creative, skyblock, skytech, ic2...)
  • Most of our community is gathered around modded servers, most of them got bored with pure vanilla over time. Vanilla is lacking protection plugins making multiplayer nearly unenjoyable due to grief. You may still find some stable playerbase on ic2 or eden servers, but we are few in numbers. Vanilla is usually know to foregin players as we keep it upted to latest snapshot, as far is I know we used to. Nonetheless you usually finish playing it in serveral days unless you build something, modded servers offer longer playability.
  • here is the thing - I'm looking for a server with latest update ;]

    I'd love to play this kind of server, which contain grief prevention and nothing else. Even no /home. 
  • From a serverside perspective grief prevention is a plugin so the server can´t be ever vanilla or snapshot. It will be stable version for which exist such a server, because no author of plugins will write them to snapshots.

  • This is shame, MC devs does not support those basic funcionalities ;/
  • And as they recently and finaly claimed they never will be for java edition.
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